I would just like to do a little write up here describing the experience I have had with REPERFORMANCE and Ricky Elder. I first contacted Ricky when I had a concern about an engine fault I had with my old R8 V10 R Tronic. He was extremely helpful from the moment I spoke to him when I was in a frenzied panic!! I was literally having kittens because I am based in Spain and there is no real experienced mechanics here who could help. Even the main dealers are a complete waiste of time, Audi said they had to take the engine to bits and even then they didn’t say how much it would cost or if they could solve the problem… So after various phone conversations and helpful guidance from Ricky instructing me through a process of elimination the problem still persisted. Now I was really panicking, my whole world turned black literally.. So anyway i think Ricky picked up on this and he offered to fly over and take a look (things were looking brighter instantly). 

So when he arrived here we went to a large car workshop where the car was on a ramp ready for him to take a look and he went straight into action like it was second nature to him.. After some hours of testing etc the problem which was a noise turned out to be a simple fix and was nothing serious. Thanks to Ricky my life returned… All the people who had said “how can you spend so much money on a car?” , “I told you that you shouldn’t of bought it!” Would now have to eat their words!!

When Ricky was here he explained to me about the S TRONIC model of the R8 V10 etc and I thought I just have to get one of those so after a couple of months I part exchanged my R TRONIC for a 2015 S TRONIC. This was also something that I couldn’t of done without Ricky’s help as he played a massive role in selling my car and sourcing the new one. Then when he had it at REP HQ he re mapped it and carried out paint correction work all against a schedule to so that the car would make it to be shipped back to me in time! And the results are amazing and very professional to say the least! Ricky is always a phone call away for any doubts or queries I have, he’s so helpful and polite too.. Sometimes I was thinking to myself that Ricky must think I’m a complete nutcase (which I probably am) because I asked him so much for advice etc. Ricky is just one of those people that understands not everyone is a millionaire who owns high performance car/super car and that’s why he’s always there to help and give advice, something that main dealers are not so great at doing.

I will carry out some more tuning work in the future with Ricky and fly him back over soon, I’m thinking maybe a capristo exhaust.. Thanks again Ricky for all your help!! Couldn’t of done it without you and it is really well appreciated!!!

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