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We built the engine in a record-breaking RS3!

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On October 23, Roberto Caira set a new European record at Santa Pod in his Audi RS3. Built and tuned by our friends at Ecotune Scotland, this 1040bhp, full-weight, road car achieved a blistering 8.9sec @ 160mph. Not content with that, a little later, Roberto went on to smash a 9.5sec at 161mph – in the dark!

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To get an RS3 into the 8s is a stunning achievement!

To get an RS3 into the eights is a stunning achievement. Roberto has worked closely with Stan and the rest of the Ecotune crew to get to this point and we feel honoured to have been a part of it by building the 2.5 5-cylinder Daza engine for them. 

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The 2.5 TFSI has a host of trick parts to enable it to make extreme power, while retaining ultimate durability. We used a modified block with liners, forged rods and pistons, uprated valve-train, a port-matched manifold, a superfinished crank with superfinished and modified oil pump, and blueprinted the entire build.

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Not only that, but Roberto drove 450 miles from his home in Scotland, did multiple runs at Santa Pod, then swapped his wheels and drove home the next day.

Congratulations to Roberto, Ecotune and everyone else that was involved with the project. Looking forward to seeing what this monstrous RS3 can do next!

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this 1040bhp, full-weight, road car achieved a blistering 8.9sec @ 160mph.

Click below to watch the full video of the record breaking run – and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for lots more great content!

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